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Latest Robbery Spree Going On Backpage.Com & Craigslist.Com

Beware There is a Trio out terrorizing New York City falsely placing ads, and using apps on their phones such as Burner to obtain fraudulent numbers, Using them to post Numerous Ads advertising anything such as Cell Phones for sale, Apartments for rent, Renting your apartment and replying to your ad even.  Ride Share, Sales, Escorts, Dating, They have taken down every single real advertisement of all women who regular post and made very similar ones including new phone numbers, All Ads are very much the same, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all these different pictures and descriptive lettering and sentences. Makes it very fishy, People generally post a warning ad via Craigslist after the incidents occur which doesn’t make it online for long enough for the general public to be aware, as they are flagging it fairly quickly.

Sure when you call you will hear a real female voice, but not long after showing up to the hotel room, Is when you will be robbed and they sometimes pose as Police Officers while your their, Or they will pretend to call the police if you don’t pay up.

We have received many responses to this certain issue and we would appreciate any tips. Involving this Case, Remain Anonymous Get Rewarded.

I have honestly 99.2 percent of all Adult Service Ads related to these same people on Backpage.com And Craigslist.Com And they all are coming from One Person Posing as them.